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  • Προσθήκη Ημερομηνίας: 2010-12-05 07:04:09
  • Ιδιοκτήτης: l2ftw
  • Δικτυακός τόπος: http://l2factions.com/
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  • Γλώσσα: Greek
  • Περιοχή:
  • Πλατφόρμα / Τύπος: L2J GvE
Διακομιστή Ποσοστό
  • EXP: 9000
  • SP: 9000
  • DROP: 1
  • ADENA: 1
  • Ασφαλής μαγεύουν: 4
  • Max μαγεύουν: 18
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  • NPC Buffer:
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Faction PvP Base server
You can chose one of the following Factions Good or Evil
Starting level 80
Adena gain x1 per Kill
Kill streak system
You can buy up to A Grade B Grade is free
Enchant Armor Scroll rate 80 Enchant failure 1
You will never lose exp level buff after death
Cancel WarriorMage Bane remove your buffs only for 7 seconds
No Subclasses
No Augmentations
NPC Buffer up to 22 buffs
Vote buff added through Vote Manager
Clan Skills modified for balance purpose
Unique Clan system added check Clan Manager inside game for more info
and much more



Basic information
Our server is based on Good VS Evil system which means you have to chose one of the two Factions and battle your way through to conquer Enemy TownsCastles
Whenever a TownCastle is been captured by destroying the enemy Vortex you can use the Gatekeeper and teleport to the captured Base
Buff System Buffer will provide you with 22 Buffs of your choice however the max amount of buffs you can have is more than the Buffer provides you which means you can use some of your own buffs on yourself even though you already have 22 buff from the buffer so chose wisely If you made a mistake on the Buffer you can simply press the remove button of the buff you dont want instead of cancelling all of your Buffs We also removed Buffs from the Buff classes to keep it balanced Buffs will remain even when you die so dont forget to resurrect your comrades


Streak system Killing players in a row without dying will give you more Adena than usual while also killing someone with a killstreak
Enchant Weapon System To Enchant your weapon you have to get the required kills depending on what Grade you are using When you reach the required Kills the weapon you are holding will automatically enchant by one stage By using our Community Board you can also check your Kill streak stats and how close you are for your next Enchantment
Enchant Armor System To Enchant your armor you have to get the required kills depending on what Grade you are using When you reach the required Kills you will obtain an Enchant Armor Scroll of the same Grade as the weapon you are currently holding


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